💕Routine services: Maximum of eight clients per week to maximize therapeutic engagement because of the intensity of the counseling work between me and my client(s). All current clients have access to all services by their secure client portal.

Short & Long Term Counseling Services: Counseling services are open for individuals who want to deeply learn about themselves from multiple perspectives, including Western science of psychology and Eastern wisdom practices. Special attention is given to individuals who went through trauma related to sexuality and its related addiction issues, causing relational and personal distresses. All assessments are administered separately from ongoing counseling services if needed.

Personality Assessment: I offer a comprehensive personality assessment to capture holistic views of a person by incorporating NEO PI-3, Enneagram, and Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Career Testing: Strong Interest Inventory

Couples Assessment: Dating and married couples by using Prepare/Enrich assessment.

💕Prospective clients:

  1. An initial assessment session: After free 15 minutes phone consultation, we will set up an initial assessment session to match my specialties, theoretical orientation, and cultural and spiritual preferences to your wants and needs. (75 minutes, $200)
  2. Treatment recommendations: I might refer you out to another provider and/or an agency depends on my clinical assessment of your clinical needs if we determine that I am not a good fit for you at the time of consultation. If we determine that we are a good fit for each other to meet your clinical needs, a formal diagnostic interview will be scheduled.

This sounds “a bit” hectic, but these steps are based on my personal, clinical, and research-based approaches to minimize any potential harm and to maximize the effectiveness of my clinical service to you, your family, and your community. My commitment to you is that important 👍🏿👍(see further under the Service)

Insurance :  I’m an out-of-network provider. To ask your insurance representative before coming to your first therapy session, click here

While I do not bill insurance companies directly, I will provide you with the invoice you need to file a claim for reimbursement. 
I am committed to providing you with the best services possible and have found that third-party payers, such as insurance companies, can potentially interfere with effective treatment and raise issues regarding confidentiality. For instance, insurance companies often limit the number of sessions and require that services include a mental health diagnosis. 
Many insurance companies will reimburse you for fees or costs incurred if you provide them with a statement of paid services. Please read your insurance policy carefully or contact your insurance provider so you understand what your benefits will and will not cover.

Fee : Individual routine counseling $150 and couple’s counseling for $175 per 40 to 50 minutes. Initial individual and couples assessment $200 per 75 minutes. Assessment interpretation fee : $130 for 45 mins (excluding assessment administration fee, which varies by the type of assessment).

All payment must be rendered at the time of service

Payment : Cash, check, and credit cards are accepted for payment at this time. 

Reduced Fee and Pro Bono Service are available upon request on a limited basis.

Hours: Tue – Thur 8am to 3pm Fri. 8am – 5pm (Virtual) Sat: 9am -4pm Sun: Emergency appointment only (Sat & Sun In-person)

Cancellation policy : If you miss your scheduled appointment and you have not notified me at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the full cost of the session.  

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