Self-efficacy, cultural sensitivity, supervisee-centered, supervisory relationship. 

💕Routine supervision: Individual supervision – 50 minutes for $130 for LGPC, $100 for master-level students, $80 for international students

The objectives of supervision

… is a working relationship between a supervisor and a supervisee in which the supervisee can share, reflect, and provide feedback freely in a safe environment to increase his/her ethical competence and confidence to best serve clients over several sessions.

Supervision Approach – Brief version

… is an integrated one, however, primarily I utilize Discrimination model in which I can take a role of teacher, counselors, and consultant. As a teacher, my role may include direct lecture, instruct, and inform the supervisee. As a counselor, I can assist supervisees in identifying their own “blind spots” or counter-transference process and so forth. Finally, as a consultant, I offer supportive guidance when the supervisee feels “stuck”. In addition to Discrimination model, I also incorporate Interpersonal Recall Model (IPR) in which empowers the supervisee to understand and act upon perceptions to which they may otherwise not attend. The goals of IPR are to: 1) increase the supervisee’s awareness of covert thoughts and feelings of client and self, 2) practice expressing covert thoughts and feelings in the here and now without negative consequences, 3)deepen the supervisee/client relationship. ​

What other say about me as a supervisor?

Chun-Shin has been a licensed clinical professional counselor in Maryland for over a decade, and she also obtained certification as a certified clinical supervisor in 2015. As a student in my doctoral courses in Loyola’s Pastoral Counseling program, Chun-Shin has demonstrated impressive abilities in multiple areas necessary for competent supervision, including rapport building, broad knowledge of theories and of findings from current research, and willingness to incorporate collaboration and consultation. Her skills as a counselor have also enhanced her performance as a supervisor; her case conceptualizations, treatment planning, and sensitivity to issues of multiculturalism have been stellar. – Teresa A. Wilkins, Ph.D., NCC, ACS
Visiting Assistant Professor at Loyola University Maryland

Further Info. 

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Approved Clinical Supervisor (NBCC) #​3586

Board-Approved Supervisor (Maryland) # 1091

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LCPC) in Maryland #3469

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