Dear G, A space of mental clarity and integration – Heart

My mind is foggy, and my heart is sunken. How have you been G? I am surrounded by the gifts of the Spring. I love to be waking up with rain, chirping birds, barking dogs, cranking up engines, and early commuters’ footsteps. All of these sounds remind me that I am alive, and I have another day to live. It is a good day. I hope you enjoy your Spring wherever you are. 

Brain, A Center of Everything

My mind is foggy, especially when I did not get enough sleep. It is challenging to focus and accomplish my plans. My foggy mind serves as another indicator when I have many decisions to make. I might go through COV ID-19 brain fog. Please read COVID-19 Brain Fog To some, “brain fog” could be a serious physical and mental symptom that might need further evaluation. Dear G., I recall you told me multiple times that your brain is foggy. You could not think clearly, and you could not remember at times. You did remember well how you were abducted and who harmed you. In Western psychology, the brain is undoubtedly the central part of mental health, including mental clarity. 

Heart, A space of Mental Clarity and Integration

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the brain is considered an extraordinary organ. As a Yang organ, and the heart is associated with the Fire element and considered an emperor. Heart’s Yin counterpart is the Small Intestine, which manages discriminate capacity and critical appraisal. The heart is responsible for mental clarity and integration, which sounds like a significant mental health element. I have a hard time articulating my thoughts, and it must be sure that my heart is not doing well, dear G, because my heart is related to my tongue in terms of speech. It makes sense that my heart might have been damaged more so because of the high demand for English language proficiency.   

Regardless, I like the fundamental philosophies about all parts of bodies work together as a whole in Western and Eastern traditions. One of the decisions that I need to make this week is whether I would continue studying TCM. What do you think, my friend, G? You have been quiet in my head and heart. I am listening. You tell me. 

In heartfelt longing,

C.S. Taylor

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