Dear I, Generating Cycle – Sadness & Thinking

Dear, I. I miss you. I think of you every day along with Joe and G, as you know. But, then, it has been almost three months since I wrote to you. Where did the time go? I know you tried so hard to slow down and revisit your life because I am you, and you are me. But, as much as slowing down and rethinking your life scared, I am glad you do take time. So, let’s revisit generating cycle.

Generating Cycle: Heart & Spleen

In Western psychology, the brain becomes the center of mental illness and other types of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral issues. What else is there, isn’t it? On the contrary, people refer to the “heart” as another element explaining the human mind and choices.  In Traditional Chinese medicine, The Heart is associated with joy and risking, whereas Spleen with overthinking/worry and centering. Heart supports and nourishes Spleen (Generating Cycle). Both relate to summer. I know you still struggle with making sense of last summer, dear I. 

Risking &Centering

What did you risk last summer? How much did you risk? How did you center yourself admits your crisis? Your Heart was “on fire,” generated overheat, which ascended to your brain and created your Shen (spirit) disturbance. Overheated Heart weakened its function to support the Spleen, and you had a hard time centering yourself. These days, I see you trying to center your life. I am glad you try again.

 Antidote: Sadness

I know you are sad, dear I. In fact, sadness was helpful, although I did not like to see you feel sad. Overjoy (overheated Heart) needs sadness to balance the heat and support clear thinking (Spleen). From a Western psychology perspective, I wonder whether overjoy is similar to manic, greed, or impulse. I know, I know. You do not like being sad. But, as you know, emotions come and go. We need to let it finish its life cycle on its own, as much as possible. I’m holding your sadness with you, my dear.

I know you are afraid of risking again, dear I. I know you are confused at times whether you slow down or are afraid of risking again in your life. Dear I., it is “ok.” Let’s not rush through your life. Give some time for your Heart to reset and recharge. Sadness is what you might need for a while. Just do not sink and stop breathing. B.R.E.A.T.H. One breath at a time. With me.

I love you, dear I.

See you soon.


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