Dear Joe, Motivation, willpower, & kidney

Time seems to fly by as 2021 embarks on its journey through tumultuous political, social, and cultural landscape, Joe. I wonder whether you are back home by now where you could rest and shelter from cold weather. As I promised with G and you, let’s continue our journey to learn the interconnection among us, mental illness, Western and Eastern medical traditions. I hope that you and I can meet each other as a holistic and wholesome person. 

Home: A place of willpower 

Dear Joe, I refer to “home” as a place of willpower and drive that moves us beyond what we know and do not know about us and our space in my letter to you today. When you come up with a plan, how do you navigate through obstacles and unexpected events? You see, when I purchased my home in June 2020, I did not anticipate any of the events that happened to me, including identity theft, flooding, and psychiatric hospitalization. I became more prone to potential danger in my surroundings ever since then. My fear of decision-making slows down my flow of mind, heart, and soul that eventually interfered with my life as a whole. It threatened my fundamental source of peace and joy with my God, who overseas me every step of the way. Some would say my foundation of decision making as faith. Others might say determination and willpower.  

Motivation & Self-Efficacy

Joe, you heard about motivational interviewing (MI) skills and interventions? It is an evidence-based practice to promote motivation for many clients ambivalent about their intentions to make changes. The four core intervention styles of MI, open-ended questions, affirmation, reflection, and summarization (OARS), could be beneficial for you, Joe, when you try to return to your home and reconcile your relationship with your loved ones. For more info, please visit here. What are your thoughts, especially the linkage between self-efficacy and motivation, Joe? 

Willpower & Kidney 

After over twenty years of education, clinical, and life experiences, I have shifted my beliefs about the relationship between well-being and a part of human nature from self-esteem to self-efficacy in the middle of my career. Then, it eventually became willpower and drive, especially when we face traumatic events. Please notice, Joe, that I dropped the usage of self. The world we live in has become complex and diverse in various ways, including cultural, social, and religious/spiritual landscapes. One’s foundation of willpower resides in the kidney in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Interestingly, the kidney is also a source of fear in TCM. Although we are all connected in various ways, including the internet, ultimate sources of fear and willpower coexist at the same place, Joe. 

I can go on about the willpower, motivation, and kidney that ultimately foster our sense of identity as an individual, a part of a community, and an element of this universe, my point today for you, Joe is that you must live first. Then, struggle to survive. I hope you can reach out to me or someone you trust. Are you alive? Where are you, Joe? 

Missing you, my dear Joe.

C.S. Taylor

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