Dear I, Grief and Lung/Large Intestine

Today is the first Full Moon. Tomorrow is your lunar birthday. Congratulations! How are you? I know you are going through several life challenges. The other day, I saw you trying hard to hold your tears. It was the day you decided to drop a legal lawsuit. I saw your despair and hope at the same time. I heard you saying that you were powerless against the conglomerate health care system. Yet, I also heard your determined voice echoing, “I am not alone.” You were amazing, my friend I.

Grief Processes

You are going through unexpected grief. You know everyone goes through grief differently, and grief is not linear. Grief is complicated, intricate individual responses to the loss of me, you, and us. It is series of processes among denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Having intellectual knowledge of grief and loss is helpful to normalize your emotional responses, my dear. I know. I wish going through grief and loss is that simple. You did not expect your memories from childhood, young adulthood, marriage, your children, and your clients could seize you. You are right. You are not alone. I only hope that you are finally entering into the acceptance process. You have a lot to catch up on and rebuild your life. That is a simple fact. I am glad you ultimately face your fear in your life.

Lung and Large Intestine

Dear I, you are almost fifty years old. I know it is hard to believe. I noticed you had a couple of pimples on your face as if you were going through puberty. When you go through grief and sadness, your lung gets weaken. Lung represents the Metal element, which Earth generates. The Metal generates the Water element. I love these generating cycles of the Five Elements, don’t you? Like the five stages of grief, Five Elements generate and overreact each other to create harmony and balance within and surrounding us. One of the Lung functions is to control your Qi and is displayed in our skin and body hair. It makes sense suddenly; you had pimples. Weakened Qi also impacts its Yin counterpart, Large Intestine, which then explains constipation issues. I wish to help you make better sense of what you experience in your body, mind, and soul while going through your grief. Western psychology does not give me enough.

Food with white colors benefits to restore your Lung, my dear. Pear is the best. The lung is also active between 3 am to 5 am. Please know your waking up in the middle of the night is simply a response to your weakened Lung. Please do take care—one simple step at a time. Keep your sleep schedule the same. I know it is hard.  I am saddened watching you going through grief processes. Please do not forget: You are not alone. I am with you. I hope you trust this truth and hold onto it until I see you. 

Happy Lunar Birthday, my friend

Be well,

C.S. Taylor

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