Dear Joe, Anger & Liver/Gall Bladder

It is a cold night right before the second snowstorm in the DC area, Joe. I wonder whether you like winter. I love watching the snow falling. I love to walk when it’s snowing. I wish I could walk along with you to the small pond nearby my home when it’s snowing. 

Anger & Gender 

What is anger? Dear Joe, I often recall your anger, which seemed to be much different than mine. Your anger was more like a snowstorm, and mine is similar to hail. I do not usually get angry. I would not show my anger openly. My anger is silent, then could hit like hail dropping loud and clear. It often does not last long. Research findings are contradictory when it comes to anger and gender differences. However, most people often think that men often express more anger than women, suppressing anger more than men. Please read these sources here and here. Regardless, I liked the fact that you were angry for me against the unfair treatment that happened to me. I appreciated you sincerely. I would never forget your kindness. Anger and kindness seem to be an excellent complement to each other. 

Wood & Liver/Gallbladder 

Joe, did you read my recent letter to G? I talked to her about memory loss, shame, and my memory of G’s anger. Anger is related to the Wood element in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Regardless of gender difference, anger impacts the Yang organ, liver, and its Yin organ, gallbladder. The liver manages one’s capacity for planning for life, and the gallbladder governs one’s decisiveness. Just like we need fire by burning wood, anger is necessary. When our anger becomes imbalanced, it makes sense that our capacity for life planning and decisiveness becomes weak. If our anger becomes excess, the heat from the anger eventually rises and harms the brain. 

I find myself recently become easily angry and irritable at trivial matters. I’m not too fond of how I get mad because it often directs to my loved ones. Then, I think of you, Joe. I think of the way you expressed anger for me to protect me. You tried to advocate for me. I wonder whether your anger would hurt your liver and gallbladder. If it did, I wish I could restore your liver and gallbladder. I want to there is no gender difference when it comes to showing anger against any injustice happening to the weak. Though, I have a hunch that these anger types would restore our overall flow of harmony because our sincere intention behind anger is located in our caring heart for others. Shall we talk about the heart next time, Joe? 

Stay safe, Joe. Let’s meet and walk in the snow someday. 

Be well until then, 

C.S. Taylor

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